Assignment 2 – revisited

Tutor Feedback

I was a litte nervous going into the assignment 2 feedback session, but in the end I was happy that she was happy with what I’d done. Having said that, my tutor asked me to try an alternative selection because she felt that there was good material in the contact sheets which I’d overlooked. She also made the comment that the processing approach I’d taken (cropped to square format, converted to monochrome and split-toned) had made the photos more beautiful, but maybe not more interesting.

I found this comment intriguing because I’d spent my whole photographic life trying to make beautiful photos. It was the first time that anyone had said to me that there was an alternative. Strange, but true. This comment caused me to think a great deal about alternative approaches and to consider this idea of beauty and interest. Can we have one, but not the other? Is it possible to have both at once? What if we have neither? Intriguing stuff …

Alternative Selection

Process followed

My tutor advised me to print my contact sheets or the individual photos, put them on a wall or somewhere I could look at the frequently and live with them for a while. She suggested trying out several alternative selections until I found one which suited me.

While choosing I consciously tried to put aside my usual ideas of beauty and tried to think about what caught my eye, what might be interesting somehow.

Photos selected

 DRG-17Dec2015-003  DRG-17Dec2015-011  DRG-17Dec2015-021
 DRG-28Dec2015-007  DRG-17Dec2015-032  DRG-17Dec2015-030


I found this process of producing an alternative selection quite challenging. It took me a long time to make my original selection, narrowing down, making substitutes, trying to avoid repetition. In this second selection I have tried to go with my gut feel and avoid any processing of the photos. The harsh orange/yellow light gives and other-worldly feel, but it’s exactly as it was on those nights. I will keep in mind my tutor’s suggestion about how to make selections and try it for the next assignment.

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