Assignment 5 – tutor feedback

Following are my notes from the discussion with my tutor, Wendy McMurdo:

  • Good set of images, documenting life on the street – potentially my strongest assignment
  • Only through risk-taking and experimentation can I improve. As a result have to expect some failures and that not everyone will like what I have done.
  • The element of chance in the technique used is a quite different approach for me
  • My description of the method is clear and concise
  • Good to reflect on ideas of confrontation (in street photography) and personal space
  • Don’t be afraid to work in a more abstract way – get close to subjects
  • Consider presentation pairs of images in double-page spreads to invite comparisons
  • Research: need to increase length (min. 500 words) and depth of posts
  • Assessment: best to present example prints as well as online blog. Prints can be presented in a variety of ways, but must be labelled clearly and the whole should be presented in an archival clamshell box.
  • Consider different ways of presenting prints e.g. a concertina layout

Here is a link to the tutor report: Tutor report – assignment 5

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