BioMy name is Darryl Godfrey. I live in Switzerland, near Geneva. I started Expressing Your Vision (EYV) in September 2015.

I’ve been fiddling with cameras since I was quite small, learning from my father. I started with film and did my own B&W developing and printing using initially 35mm and later medium (6x6cm) formats.  In more recent years, I’ve been working hard on improving my photography, including having spent a week on a workshop.  I have had three exhibitions: two private, one public – the most recent being late 2014. I’ve been selling my work as a result of those exhibitions and have a website where you can see examples: www.darrylgodfrey.com

At this point I feel that I need to stretch myself and open my eyes. I’ve been repeating myself too much over the years.  I stumbled across the OCA course from an ad on the back of a mag that I subscribe to.  The course attracted me because it seems to focus strongly on creativity and the creative process. I am very much looking forward to getting into the subject, trying, making mistakes and finally: progressing.

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